AURA - Arctic Urban Risks and Adaptations. The NSF-NNA sponsored activity focused on developing a co-production framework for addressing multiple changing environmental hazards.


  1. Work with communities to assess wildfire, permafrost, and rain-in-winter hazards and risks as they have changed since 1980 and are projected to change over the next four decades.
  2. Estimate the public and private costs associated with these hazards and actions taken to mitigate or adapt to them.
  3. Work with government employees, NGOs, and tribal entities to learn how communities are adapting to and mitigating these changing hazards, how the hazards may interacting with each other to cause cumulative effects, and help develop co-develop a vision for improving future adaptation.


Courtesy of Vladaimir Romanovsky


As regional temperatures change, peramafrost, ground that is perennially frozen for two or more years, is thawing and negatively impacting homes, infrastructure, and agriculture.

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Courtesy of AKDOF


Wildfire is a major danger in each community as they all have wildland-urban interfaces.

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Courtesy of Catherine Hanks


Rain-in-winter events are becoming more common in the arctic. These events cause economic and personal loss for business and families in the affected areas.

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